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Here you will find the game guides for soul reaver and soul reaver 2. You would also have a game codes and gameshark codes. To help you get through game for the first time or just to play it again. Look at the series of the other Legacy of Kain games.

The Soul Reaver stroy leading up to Soul Reaver 2.

Raziel once a noble Sarafan Warrior, at his untimely death and resurrection as a vampire. He serves as first created lieutenants of Kain's army.

Evolving at a faster rate than his creator Kain. Raziel grows wings the first of a long line of vampires to be able take flight at will. Becoming enrage by this evolution, Kain slashes his wings and orders him into the abyss; where he will burn forever.

You finally reach Kain for the first battle. Thinking he has you destroyed he tries to kill you with the Reaver. Unexpectedly it shatters over you. You shift to the spectral world gaining the Reaver's soul, and now your two destiny are intertwined together.

Now after enduring the trials of killing your brethren, you finally become strong enough to kill your merciless master. Make you way to Kain through his subterranean stronghold for the final battle. He manages to escape your full wrath, luring you into a chrono plast time portal.


Awakening as a hideous corpse, reanimated for the better. Raziel finds him self living again, in a place he has never been before. A mysterious voice spoken to him called the elder, commands Raziel to kill Kain and his other vampire brethren.

He told Raziel it was a gift to be resurrected with enhanced abilities, which was not a gift that Raziel has asked for; and he was to become his Soul Reaver, his Angel of Death. Now he must destroy his former brothers and engulf there souls to become strong enough to defeat Kain. This is the beginning of a Raziel's epic story.

Following him you into the portal you arrive at a unknown destination. Now your journey continues in the prusuit of Kain in unknown Nosgoth past. Now you want to know the truth of the Sarafan and your unremembered past human past. Now the plot unfolds, and you rewrite your history in the learning of the. Now the choice is you.